In 2012, we were vintage shopping in search of the beaded and whip-stitched souvenir belts we had as kids. Unfortunately, everything we found was poorly constructed and falling apart. With that realization, Camp Hero was born!

Camp Hero has been producing high quality, retro-inspired beaded belts in New York City for over a decade. We maintain a close relationship with all of our partners to ensure the production process maintains the same standards of quality as we require for the finished product. Our original beadwork designs are brought to life by a women’s collective in Guatemala. The beadwork craft takes time and skill to master, and we are fortunate to have partners who keep the practice as part of a cultural tradition. Beadwork comes back to New York where products are constructed using high quality domestic leathers and steel buckles manufactured in Brooklyn. 

Over the years, we've been fortunate to partner with major retailers including J. Crew, Orvis and Nordstrom, along with a host of incredible boutiques around the world. The vintage beaded belts we loved as kids have grown up and found a home at Camp Hero!