In 2012 we were vintage shopping looking for the beaded and whip-stitched souvenir belts we had as kids.  Unfortunately everything we found was either poorly constructed and falling apart or child sized.  From that realization, Camp Hero was born!

Named after our favorite state park in Montauk, NY,  at Camp Hero we’re inspired by the great outdoors, roadside Americana and countless hours logged in front of the TV.  Our fun, timeless accessories are a mix of nostalgia with modern design and hand craftsmanship. You might have had a belt like ours as a kid, and now the belt you loved is all grown up!


Camp Hero Products are all made by hand using the best, most ethically sourced material available. We maintain a close relationship with all of our partners to ensure the process maintains the same standards of quality as we require for the product. 

It all starts with the design.  We create everything in our studio where we are inspired by traditional beading methods, as well as pop culture and retro Americana style. 

The beadwork designs are then brought to life by a women’s collective in Guatemala. The beadwork craft takes time and skill to master, and we are fortunate to have partners who keep the practice as part of a cultural tradition.  As our partnership has grown, we’ve provided internet service and tablets for our partners to make the process more efficient and paperless. 

Beadwork comes back to the Garment District of New York City where products are constructed using full high quality domestic leathers and buckles manufactured in Brooklyn. 

There are quicker and less expensive ways to produce beaded belts, but that’s not what we do. Our goal is to create fun, quality products that will be worn and treasured for years to come, what we like to call, “Future Vintage”.