Camp Hero is an American fashion and design company focused on vintage-inspired accessories.  Our roots began in 2012, when we were combing through thrift stores in search of the beaded souvenir belts we had as kids. Finding the originals rekindled fond memories of family road trips to places like Niagara Falls, Cape Cod and the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, the belts that we found were child-sized and cheaply constructed. From that realization, Camp Hero was born.  Drawing our name from a favorite state park in Montauk, New York, here at Camp Hero we're inspired by the great outdoors, roadside Americana and countless hours logged in front of a television. Our fun, timeless accessories blend a hint of nostalgia with modern design and craftsmanship.  You probably had a belt like ours as a kid, and now the belt you loved is all grown up (but still doesn't take life too seriously).  

Process and Materials
Our goal is to source and manufacture locally whenever possible. We use high quality U.S. steer hides for belt leather.  Buckles and whipstitch are both sourced in New York City, and all manufacturing is done here in the Garment District.  

Camp Hero Manufacturing/Production - New York City









 (Camp Bracelets made in NYC's Garment District) 

We've been very fortunate to connect with a women's group in Central America to source all of our beadwork.  Work is done by hand on a loom by skilled artisans, a practice that is part of a cultural tradition spanning back for generations.  Camp Hero hand-loomed beadwork










(Hand-loomed Camp Hero beadwork, made in partnership with a women's beading group in Central America) 

All Camp Hero products use Czech glass beads, renowned for their vibrant colors and the uniformity of sizes.  Our in house creative team develops all beadwork designs using our custom Camp Hero color palette.  

Between our partnership with skilled artisans and our commitment to materials and local production, each Camp Hero beaded belt has a bright, bold profile, sturdily constructed for long term wear and durability.  As we grow in 2017, we are exploring ways that we can give back to the community while sticking to our core values pertaining to ethical manufacturing and superior quality products.   Camp Hero products are made to be the treasured vintage pieces of the future! 


Camp Hero Beaded Belt Styles