Leonard Skybird Dog Collar (Turquoise)

The Leonard Skybird collar is the perfect for chasing birds! Made just like our belts, this high quality collar uses top grain leather, a brass belt buckle, D-ring for your dog's leash and of course fine quality hand strung Czech glass seed beads! Just make sure your buddy doesn't go in the water for extended periods of time as that may wear down the beadwork.

Sizing works for dogs in these weight ranges:

XXXL=110+ (Mastiff, Great Dane)

XXL=90-110 (Blood hound, Bernese Mountain Dog)

XL= 80 – 100 (Large Lab, Rottweiler)

L= 60-80 (Lab, Pointer)

M=40-60 (Beagle, Springer Spaniel)

S=20-40 (French Bulldog, Corgi)

XS*=10-20 (Westie, Jack Russell)

*For dogs under 10 lbs. we only recommend our thin (3/4") collars in XS