Leonard Skybird Dog Collar (Rainbow Multi)

The Leonard Skybird collar is perfect for chasing birds! Made just like our belts, this high quality collar uses top grain leather, a brass belt buckle, D-ring for your dog's leash and of course fine quality hand strung Czech glass seed beads! Just make sure your buddy doesn't go in the water for extended periods of time as that may wear down the beadwork.

Please note that due to the popularity of this product it may take up to 2 weeks to deliver. For rush orders please email sales@camphero.nyc to expedite delivery.

Sizing works for dogs in these weight ranges:

  • XXXL= 100 lbs + (Mastiff etc) 
  • XXL= 80-100 (large Lab)
  • XL=60-80 (small Lab)
  • L=40-60 (Beagle)
  • M=20-30 (French bulldog)
  • XS & S=under 20